10 signs you're pregnant

10 signs you're pregnant

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Could you be pregnant?

Some early pregnancy signs may show up around the time you miss your period.

our site presents … 10 signs you're pregnant

#10 Food aversions
Certain smells might trigger nausea.

#9 Mood swings
You might feel higher highs and lower lows.

#8 Abdominal bloating
Clothes feeling snug around the waist? Hormonal changes can leave you bloated.

#7 More trips to the bathroom
Your bladder fills up more often, thanks to extra fluid in your body.

#6 Fatigue
Surging levels of progesterone can make you feel exhausted.

#5 Nausea
Morning sickness can happen at any time of day. Most women feel better by the 2nd trimester.

#4 High temp
A higher-than-normal basal body temp (BBT) can be a sign of pregnancy.

#3 Tender breasts
Breast soreness & swelling is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It usually fades after the 1st trimester.

#2 A missed period
Late? Now would be a perfect time to take a pregnancy test.

#1 Positive pregnancy test
Congratulations! Read up on how to have a healthy pregnancy and make a doctor's appointment.

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