Cooking with Lindsay: Crock-Pot Greek chicken pitas

Cooking with Lindsay: Crock-Pot Greek chicken pitas

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Use the convenience of a slow cooker to make a meal your whole family will enjoy.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay Weiss from the Baby Center Blog. I love the convenience of a Crock-Pot. As a mom, there is nothing better than coming home and having a meal ready and waiting for you and your family.

Well, today, we're going to make a great Crock-Pot meal. But it's not your mama's Crock-Pot meal. This is a much lighter and fresher route than what you're used to. Today, we're going to make a great dish called Greek Chicken Pitas. Let's get started.

So the ingredients for our Greek Chicken Pitas are some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Some chopped onions, some Greek yogurt, some allspice, garlic, lemon pepper, and oregano. We've got some great pita bread. And we're going to garnish with some red pepper, tomatoes, and some cucumber.

So to begin putting our dish together, you'll get out your trusty Crock-Pot. Take your chicken breasts and place them directly in the bottom of the Crock-Pot. There's one, two, three. And this couldn't be simpler to put together. You're going to take your spices – you've got some allspice, and just sprinkle right over the top. Some lemon pepper. Your oregano goes in. Garlic. Take those beautiful chopped onions. Sprinkle them right over the top. Lots of onions, it gives it great flavor.

And once those are all in, go ahead and cover your Crock-Pot, and you're going to turn it on low for four to six hours, or until your chicken is nice and fork-tender.

Once your chicken has been in around four to six hours, and you're really looking for chicken that's just fork-tender, so when you kind of get in there and start digging, it just comes apart really easily and beautifully, just like this is.

And you're going to get in there with some muscle and just shred all your chicken up into nice kind-of bite-size pieces. There we go. You can see all the spices coating all this chicken. It smells amazing.

And then once it's all nice and shredded, you're going to take your Greek yogurt and just stir it right in. Remember, at this point you definitely want to turn off the heat. So we're stirring our yogurt in with no heat. And just really let that coat up your chicken. You've got a hot, hot pan.

And then you just get this nice, creamy shredded chicken with lots of spice. The aroma is amazing.

And once you're all beautifully coated, you're going to just take your pitas – and we use some little, kid-sized pitas for this particular meal so that kids can eat it. You'll literally just spoon some in, perfectly. Just kind of a bite-size spoonful. And then garnish with whatever your kids like. Mine love cucumbers, tomatoes, and red pepper. And make a beautiful Greek pita. Enjoy!

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