5 ways to get your kids hooked on books

5 ways to get your kids hooked on books

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There's nothing like a good book, yet some parents find it hard to get their kids to read. Here are 5 simple ways to get kids hooked on books.

First, read aloud to little and big kids. Your interest is sure to rub off on them, and prereaders will gain literacy skills while older kids learn pronunciation and cadence.

Second, feed the favorites. Use a favorite hobby, author, series, or genre to find books kids will enjoy.

Third, try the tried and true. Introduce them to classics or your own childhood favorites.

Fourth, comics are okay. Whether they're funny picture books or graphic novels, visual stories can really get kids into reading.

And finally, try eBooks. Electronic devices are a proven way to engage reluctant readers, plus new books are only a click away. For more tips and great book picks, visit us at

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