Crafts: Vegetable prints

Crafts: Vegetable prints

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Looking to make vegetables more popular in your house? This craft can help. Chop up veggies and offer them up with a dollop of paint (not for eating!). Have kids dip the veggie pieces in paint to make prints on paper. Kids can experiment with color mixing, how much paint to use, and making patterns. Serve a side of clean veggies as a snack afterward, asking kids to look closely at the pieces and compare them to the shapes in the prints they made.

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How to make vegetable prints

You'll need:
Paint containers
Cutting board
Construction paper
Painters tape

  • Cut the vegetables into different shapes
  • This is a job for Mom or Dad!
  • Tape construction paper to a flat surface
  • Pour paint into containers for easy access
  • Dip the veggies into the paint … and stamp onto the paper
  • Experiment with different colors and how much paint to use


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