Pregnancy video: 23 weeks

Pregnancy video: 23 weeks

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23 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby is now more than 11 inches long and weighs just more than 1 lb – about the size of a large mango.

Your baby's ears can now pick up some noise in the outside world. Blood vessels in your baby's lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.

A glucose screening test is done between 24 and 28 weeks to check for gestational diabetes – one of the most common pregnancy health problems.

8 in 10 expecting moms report having insomnia and other sleep problems. For help, search our site for "pregnancy sleep problems."

our site mom wisdom: "Don't stress about how you look. You're performing a miracle – growing a person inside of you."

Search our site for "baby registry" to see a handy checklist of baby products you'll need.

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Watch the video: 23 Weeks Pregnant - Your 23rd Week Of Pregnancy (May 2022).