Pregnancy video: 34 weeks

Pregnancy video: 34 weeks

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34 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby weighs around 4 3/4 lbs (about as much as a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long.

Your baby's central nervous system and lungs continue to mature. Layers of fat now forming will help regulate body temperature once your baby is born.

You may feel "lightening" – when your baby "drops" into your pelvis – up to a month before your due date. It doesn't mean labor will start soon, just that your body is getting ready.

By now, your swollen feet may require bigger shoes, and you might be opting for slide-ons. The swelling will go away after you give birth, but your feet may stay a half or whole size larger.

For a short video tutorial on how to install a car seat, search for "install infant car seat" on BabyCenter.

Are you planning to give birth without pain meds? Most our site moms-to-be said no, but 33% said yes.

Video production by SALT Project.

Watch the video: 34 Weeks Pregnant Update. I had to get a COVID-19 Test.. TWICE! (July 2022).


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