Rosario: origin and meaning of the name for girl Rosario

Rosario: origin and meaning of the name for girl Rosario

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: rosary beads.

It especially evokes the Marian devotion of the rosary, of the object, the string of beads that serves to remember the moment of prayer. It has many variants, the most popular of them, Charo.

It comes from Rosarium: "rosebush", "rose garden"

October 7.


  • Roser Capdevila, Catalan children's illustrator (1939-)
  • (Rosario Flores, Spanish singer (1963-)
  • Charo López, Spanish actress (1943-)

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