Less smoke for children in the playground

Less smoke for children in the playground

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If you like to smoke a cigarette while watching how your children and their friends play in the playground, from now on you will have to leave the lighter and the tobacco pack at home to avoid being tempted. With the new text of the anti-smoking law, which has achieved the consensus of all political groups, the children's parks they will be one of the few open spaces where you can not smoke in order to preserve the health of children.

Giving free rein to the desire to smoke to liven up the time, while we are with the children in their playground, is counterproductive for them and a paradox of the gradual implementation of the anti-smoking law. On the one hand, if we are not clean and careful, the butts get mixed on the ground with the sand from their games and, as a mother who has seen her baby touch the butts after finding them in the sand, I feel relieved by the reassuring future of other mothers and their children.

On the other hand, it is time for the playground to be considered an exception within open spaces because smoking near children can seriously harm your health And, as if that were not enough, we give you a bad example: Another of the paradoxes of the old anti-smoking law was seeing the group of health personnel, patients and companions that formed around a cigarette outside the hospitals. More than once, my son has asked me at the end of the consultation what doctors do when smoking, if they know that it is bad. The new "anti-smoking" law will ban smoking in hospital facilities, both in the closed health centers and in the outdoor area and its surroundings, but it will allow it in the outdoor spaces of the university campuses, when dealing with students over 18 years old. With these new measures, the aim is to make the distinction between open and closed space clearer, while narrowing down exceptions and avoiding obstacles in the way of their implementation with the approval of the new text.Marisol New.

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