The clothes: girls thing!

The clothes: girls thing!

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Except for the girls' hairdos and exquisite updos (which require some skill), moms have fewer problems with girls, at least when it comes to dressing them to our liking. When spring arrives and we see girls' outfits in shop windows and stores, our eyes go after them, imagining our little girls with those beautiful and colorful clothes.

As with mothers' clothes, women have a much broader repertoire to choose from and, from there, I think our love for shopping comes from when we were little, especially when our mother does not resist please us some precious "retalito". I have two daughters, the oldest of eight years old, she is not too attracted to markedly feminine garments and refuses to wear skirts or dresses, she always tells me that they are uncomfortable and also that her panties are visible . On the contrary, my little 6-year-old, much more folkloric, loves the brighter and more colorful dresses the better, she loves hats and sequins, and she is always willing to adorn herself with jewelry, necklaces and other accessories.

Whatever our tastes and those of "our dolls", there are always clothes that we like: pants of different cuts and colors, T-shirts with funny motifs or well-known characters, dresses in a thousand patterns and colors, skirts, swimsuits ..., Any mother who goes shopping, notices that girls' clothes are more original, more varied and more versatile than those of boys. Children's clothes repeat much more the color tones, the patterns, the decorative motifs; they are generally much more bland and certainly less fun and engaging for moms. It would only be necessary to count the number of visitors in the boys section and in the girls section, to realize that this "rags" is more of a girl thing. It is not uncommon for a girl to be given clothes more often on birthdays than to a boy. The latter, surely, would look with disappointment at his gift, unless it is decorated with some superhero, dangerous bug or late-model sports car. I am thinking that when my little daughter is a little older, it will be my undoing, because she is very demanding and I see her so cute with everything, that some other whim she will always catch. When it comes to clothes, and of course from a general point of view, it seems that both genders have different interests. It seems, however, that things are changing little by little and there are also many flirtatious children, who are very clear about their tastes and who are not satisfied with conventional clothes or the first thing we can find in the store. The offer of clothing and accessories for children begins to be something more attractive every season. Will it end up equipping itself with the wide offer for girls? We will have to see it.Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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