Books for pregnant women

Books for pregnant women

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Various Authors "I'm pregnant." From this moment on, life changes. The next nine months are going to be full of hopes and dreams, questions and concerns. And then, the birth of the baby only increases these contradictory sensations that will only dissipate as the child grows. Let yourself be advised by the best experts and enjoy intensely the greatest happiness that exists: your child. An excellent guide to help pregnant women to live their pregnancy and childbirth with serenity, and to provide the newborn with the care it needs. More than 150 color illustrations.

Anne Deans
The pregnancy bible is the result of an exhaustive investigation carried out by experts from different fields and that deals with ALL aspects and stages of pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood, with consideration for the most practical aspects and without forgetting the feelings and the emotions. This manual offers the best and most up-to-date information on the topics it deals with and should be the essential complement to the indications of health professionals. It has been prepared by a team of experts in genetics, obstetrics and gynecology, nutrition, exercise during pregnancy, psychology, fetology, baby care and pediatrics.

Maria Teresa Palomas
Yoga gives you the opportunity to learn to know your body and to trust its wisdom, so that you can enjoy pregnancy naturally. Yoga and pregnancy is a practical guide to the different stages of pregnancy, showing us the main body changes, the best techniques for each moment, the diet and the most appropriate postures, as well as the preparation for delivery and receiving the baby.

Among many other topics, in this book you will find: what you should know before pregnancy, how to enhance female and male fertility, treatments against female and male infertility, hormonal changes and how they affect your body, natural remedies against the main disorders of pregnancy and childbirth

Zita west
Fertility problems are the order of the day, the moment of having a baby is being postponed more and more, and current living conditions (stress, work difficulties, etc.) do not help. This extremely useful book deals with, in detail, all the aspects that affect fertility, both male and female, and offers an effective program of ten steps to achieve a pregnancy in the best conditions.

Kaz cooke
From the hand of Kaz Cooke you will learn all the secrets of pregnancy, birth and baby care.
You won't find military orders in this book, but rather lots of drawings and the wisest, most ingenious, and best-founded advice you can get.
Everything you need to know about the spooky part, the funny part and the private parts.

Josefina Ruiz Vega, Mª Concepción Díez Rubio
Josefina Ruíz Vega and Mª Concepción Díez Rubio, highly reliable specialists in the world of women's health, present in this book a comprehensive guide to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. A book that narrates step by step the changes of the female body and psyche during the gestation process, as well as the development of the future baby. All this supported by a series of essential tips so that parents can confidently face the arrival of their child into the world.

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